2012 Zinfandel

One of our "go-to" wines for BBQ, this wine exhibits boysenberry, hints of cranberry and briar, with a classic, "spice-box" aroma that is almost irresistible. Buy →

2012 Valley View Syrah

Lovely black fruit, hints of spice and a long finish combine to make this a favorite. Pairs with everything from BBQ to hard cheese. Buy →

2012 Mourvèdre

You may not have heard of it but you will remember Mourvèdre... earthy, smoky, with a layer of dark fruit. With age the wine will develop complexity that will keep you wanting more. Buy →

2012 Grenache

Bright red fruit flavors and smooth, soft tannins make this a great wine to drink on its own. Crafted in a lighter-bodied style, it also pairs well with your favorite California cuisine. Buy →

2012 GMS Central Coast Blend

Always a popular wine in the tasting room, this blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah takes the legal term "red table wine" and elevates it to the honorable place it deserves. Put this red wine blend on your table and see for yourself. Buy →

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

It's all about balance and harmony. This wine balances fruit, tannin, and acid, while oak plays harmony in the background. Classic pairing is steak, but many tomato-based dishes work as well. Buy →

2011 Grenache

The 2011 Grenache is a fruit driven food loving wine. Red fruit flavors of cherry and strawberry are melded with mild tannin and good acidity into a medium bodied wine that doesn’t overwhelm even lighter dishes. Feel free to experiment with pairings outside of the red wine/ red meat tradition. Salmon, duck, maybe even creamy pasta, after all, food and wine are supposed to be fun! Buy →

2011 GSM Central Coast Blend

The 2011 version of this popular blend has had the percentages rearranged. The Syrah component is from the Valley View vineyard and it certainly blends with the Grenache and Mourvedre in an exciting way. Still an amazing food wine, it is just so pleasant we sometimes forget the food and just enjoy the wine! Buy →

2011 Valley View Syrah

The vineyard may be called Valley View, but it could be called Goldilocks’ Vineyard because the site is neither too warm nor too cool, but just right. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our first vintage from this vineyard, we have increased production slightly. Packed with dark fruit and spice, a mouth filling body, and a persistent finish, this wine is a pleaser. Baby back ribs anyone? Buy →

2011 Mourvèdre

The 2011 Mourvèdre shows the results of some tweaking we did in the vineyard. With another cool and wet growing season to contend with, we reduced the crop load a bit and opened up the vine canopy to encourage light and air circulation around the fruit. The result was a wine that is a little more fruit driven with plum and spice with the familiar smoky earthiness that we love so much in the 2010 version. Time in the bottle will no doubt be rewarded, but don’t get carried away, wine was meant to be consumed. Buy →

2011 Petite Sirah

The calcareous rock and the hillside soil of Roadrunner Farms produces fruit that is powerful, earthy, rich and packed with dark fruit flavors. We’re pretty sure you could tie dye a Tee-Shirt with the resulting wine, but we recommend using it in the traditional way. Cheers! Unfined and unfiltered, some sediment may appear with aging. We feel this is a small inconvenience in exchange for more complex wine. Buy →

2011 Zinfandel

Zinfandel is a grape that reflects the place in which it is grown. Our Zinfandel thrives on the steep hillside of the “cooler” Westside of Paso Robles AVA. Our preference in Zin is to avoid over ripe, stewed fruit flavors and we think we nailed it with this one. Nice dark fruit and spice, a great finish with no sensation of heat, this is our idea of Zinfandel. You're welcome, "experience the alternative." Unfined and unfiltered, some sediment may appear with aging. We feel this is a small inconvenience in exchange for more complex wine. Buy →

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