It's all about the wine.

OK, so it’s also about the pleasure of the experience! In the middle of our barrel room, you will enjoy a truly memorable wine tasting experience. This is where your story begins, and where you will want to revisit and share good times with friends. It doesn’t matter if you're a “hardcore” wine aficionado or coming for your first tasting, there's something for everyone at Plan B Wine Cellars!

Award-Winning Wines

Award winning wines? Everybody has these. We believe the only critic you should listen to is your is your own palate, taste then, decide for yourself!

*Most of our wines receive a minimum 1-year of bottle aging in addition to 2-3 years in barrel; it takes time to achieve the smooth, complex flavors we are looking for. We age these wines so you don't have to, but they should age well for several years to come.

"Experience the Alternative"

The "Central Coast," from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles, is emerging as a source of world-class wine grapes. It is from vineyards in this area that we source our grapes. The journey from the vineyard to your glass is a story you will want to hear and learn more about. Wine connects us to the land, the workers, and finally, to the people with whom it is shared.

Meet Your Winemakers

We came to be winery owners and winemakers by going a little overboard in our quest for enjoyable wine tasting experiences. We were pretty serious wine “geeks” for at least 10 years before we switched from the “tasting” side of the bar to the winemaker side. We knew what we loved about wine, as well as a few things we didn’t like, and we work hard to keep the fun side foremost. Much has changed since our first vintage, and we’ve learned a lot, but we have never lost sight of our goal….”make the best wine we can, and make visiting the winery and tasting the wine as enjoyable as possible.”

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"I’m in love. I’m a big fan of this style of winemaking, and I just feel like this is letting the fruit speak in a really elegant way. I’m kind of taken aback…" -Mike from Wine Weirdos on 2011 Mourvédre